February 13, 2013

Monday 2.11.13

It was windy most of the night but finally settled down around 3 am. We were up at 5am….had our coffee….ship shaped things for travel and as soon as there was enough light to see our way down the run, we headed out.

The North American Coots like the river run. There was a big flock in the springs. It was dark when we went to the ramp to walk Raisin and dump trash and they were bunched tightly together and moved as one. It was like this all the way to the lake and it’s 4 or 5 miles.


The sun was coming up as we got to the entrance to Lake George.


Looks like we’ll be staring straight into the sun all the way to the south end.


You’d think, since we had the wind in our face on the crossing to the N that it’d be at our backs as we headed S….nope….another lumpy ride with a head wind.

We are beached at G3, Lungun Island. We wanted to try out Jims swim ladder…turned bow ladder. Works great at either end of the boat.


In the photo above….do you see the light colored branch above the lily pads? Jim was looking out the head window and spotted this gator under the trees. Just his head is out of the water….you always have to check out your surroundings in Florida. This spot we are beached at is a popular swimming place for those who camp on the island or just beach for the day.


It’s only 30 or 40 feet from the boat.

There is such a wind blowing down the cut behind the island that we had to put out two lines to keep us straight and we even have a stern anchor out that we dropped on the way in. Guess it’s a good thing we got across the lake early…it would be pretty rough now.


We tied up around noon….had our lunch….Jim is napping. I’m catching up the blog and will hike the island later.

Had a nice call from my daughter, Tammy and son Dave, in VT. Sure glad I’m not up there enjoying 2’ of snow and sleet. This is Tammy’s first winter in awhile, though she was born in VT.  Asked her is she was going to be a “snow bunny” or a “snow bird”….her answer was “bird”. She’ll spend summers in VT and winters in FL.

Can’t beat a warm day on the water.






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