February 13, 2013

St Johns River 2.8.13

We checked the depth at Lake Jessup and decided we shouldn’t try launching there until we’ve had a bit of rain, so we headed to Lake Monroe.

Once the boat was in the water, I got things stashed while Jim visited with a gentleman who was interested in our 1928 Buick.

Decided to carry the dingy aboard, and inflate it later. That is it in the bow.

The docks here are a popular spot for fishing.


There is a low railroad bridge near the launch ramp. A small houseboat was waiting for an opening but we are low enough (since Jim removed the tall railing), that we  could get under.  A few minutes later it was passing us. It looked small, but is actually a 26 ft boat.


A beautiful day!!!! and a great day for spotting gators. This one only let me get one shot…and was gone. Guess it’s been hunted a lot.


This kayaker has a great little set up….


Hontoon Island was popular for the weekend.


Look at this beauty…..what a nice boat. Low profile, compared to it’s neighbor and a couple of kayaks on top.


A Stork rookery….I can see at least 3 nests. They are very small and look flimsy for such big birds.


You see a lot of turtles sunning near gators….guess no one has told them they can crunch turtle shells.


Look at the size of this one…and I didn’t even get all of it’s tail.


This one didn’t look very big…but has a thick tail.


Lots of meat here…same gator above


We traveled 34 miles today. Don’t usually run this far when we launch but we have to be at Salt River Springs on Sunday to meet friends.

Our anchorage for this night is G3 Lungun Island.

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