February 13, 2013

Sun 2.10.13

When it’s cool at night the 72* water creates fog. Here is an early morning Manatee enjoying the peace and quiet.


A lot of people came out to enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the Manatees. There were several swimming around our boat and the kayaks.


The kayaks came in for lunch….and Jim was kind enough to put on a show and create some laughs. He was showing me how much water his shoes held and brought into the dingy when he lost his balance and fell into the water. He’s still trying to convince me I yanked the dingy out from under him….he laughed as hard as everyone else. Those with kayaks do it all the time, trying to get in and out….so they were especially appreciative.


Our friends, Karen, Mike, Tony and the ever faithful, Walker showed up and we went for a ride in their boat. It started taking on a little water so Mike hauled it out and checked the plugs. I guess the one in the live well was leaking. After everything drained they relaunched and went fishing.

Mike caught 7 or 8 in a short time. This White Heron watched and every time Mike reeled one in…. it flew to the boat and hovered …waiting for him to throw it in the water. It never took any of them…but came back each time.100_8609cs

Here it is…..standing on our boat waiting….


Nice little boat….and it can fly!!!  But no sleeping room, so I’ll keep ours.


We had a Manatee swim up and under Mike and Karen’s boat. It hung out for quite awhile. Karen was able to get a close up look at one. It’s always amazing to see how big they are.

Mid afternoon they loaded up and headed home.

Tony and my Dad raced horses together and have been friends for many years. Mike and Karen now have a place in Florida and they’ve be come “snow birds”.

It is a nice warm night. Wine on the back deck and fun watching all the boaters pullout or load up their kayaks and canoes.

Our fridge quit on us today…… we’ve loaded it with ice. I remember “iceboxes” from the old days. But blocks of ice last much longer than cubes or this chipped stuff. Managed to save most of the meat and plan to stay out till Thursday…guess we’ll have to see how it goes.


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