February 21, 2009


We enjoyed another good shrimp dinner, last night,  with friends…Larry & Diane of River Nomad, Ed & Carole of Southern Cross and Red and Kathy ..land cruising from Oklahoma.

After another trip to the restaurant, this morning, for breakfast (seems like all we did was eat out this week)..we headed for Silver Glen Springs.

The wind had kicked up Lake George a bit but it wasnt an uncomfortable ride. Nearer the entrance to the springs we spotted this craft.2.18.09 004 We had only seen one other boat this morning so were surprised to see a small open boat with 3 gentlemen..having a great time.

Then we spotted another one. They were tacking to the entrance and dropped their sails.2.18.09 013 2.18.09 014 We decided to go back out into the lake for more photos of the first boat but were a bit late…They were headed in also.2.18.09 017

Although the boats are similar they had a different sail configuration. Once in the springs…it was …toss out the anchors and everybody overboard…then a quiet lunch.2.18.09 022 River Nomad made a pretty picture while Larry was setting his bimini.2.18.09 026

I enjoyed a short swim while setting the anchors. The wind has settled down..it’s very quiet now.  I am going to row Raisin ashore shortly. 7:30…it’s already dark..no street lights around here. The only sounds have been the call of the Blue Herons when they’ve been disturbed.

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