February 21, 2009

2.19.09 Silver Glen Springs, FL

The outside temperature was 53 deg last night. I was up early..in my swimsuit…coffee in hand..dog in the dingy and headed for shore. While Raisin did her thing I took a swim and did a quick shampoo. Chilly but not bad…water warm…air chilly. After a change into dry clothes..I left Raisin aboard and went for a row around the springs looking for things to photograph…cloudy and cool and not much out..but did get this nice Bald Eagle.2.19.09 Silver Glen Springs, FL 005 An Ahinga2.19.09 018 We were drifting up close and I think he was trying to show us how big and scary he was.  2.19.09 020

2.19.09 011

and a Blue Heron sitting in a live oak tree.2.19.09 Silver Glen Springs, FL 025

We didnt see any gators..very few turtles..It was just too cold for them without any sunshine.  Maybe tomorrow.

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