February 21, 2009

2.21.09 foggy frosty morning at Silver Glen Springs, FL

31 degrees this morning…definately not a swim day.  The boat was covered with ice. There was a fine fog lifting off the water all night and it froze on the boat.2.20.09,  2.21.09 090 This is what it looked like from the dingy. 2.20.09,  2.21.09 092 Once the sun broke through it really started warming up inside.2.20.09,  2.21.09 093 I made a snow/ice ball from what was left at 8:,  2.21.09 098We decided to head for Hontoon Island for the night. Lumpy ride across Lake George. It’s almost 6pm and the temperature is down to 70…not bad for the start of the day.

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