February 21, 2009

2.20.09 Silver Glen Springs, Fl

We had a late visitor last night. Jim and I were lying in our bunks reading..Jim had just turned out his light when I saw something fly thru and to his side…I turned the light on..but found nothing…I was starting to think I was going batty.  So I went back to reading…it flew thru again..and again to Jim’s side. This time when I looked..I found a small brown bat clinging to the ceiling (it’s carpeted). I took a hand towel..gathered him up and put him back outside.  I should have gotten the camera first!!!

It was 44 last night. No swimsuit this morning. The wind had a bite to it. So it was just coffee and a hike on the beach with Raisin.

Nice clear sky…warm sunshine. By 10 am it was up to 50. A good day for a hike in the Springs.

With your “golden” senior card you can get into the Springs for 1/2 price…being a “Senior” does have it’s perks. We hiked out to the “sand boils” …nice trail and boardwalk.2.20.09,  2.21.09 036

On the trail out we had a deer jump in front of us…but I had the video camera going and didnt get a still picture. The “boils” are small springs that arnt strong enough to keep the sand out of them.2.20.09,  2.21.09 035 The fish above are only 3 or 4 inches long..gives you an idea how small the boils are…but interesting.

2.20.09,  2.21.09 031 We hadnt realized there was another spring head (or boil)…this one looked to be about 7 or 8 ft across…we couldnt tell how deep it went. It is fenced off so I didnt try snorkling over to see if you can dive in it..you can see part of the inside wall, if you look closely. You might have to enlarge the photo.2.20.09,  2.21.09 038 The pretty blue is the main boil…all the round white spots are fish “nests” hollowed out in the sand.  You can see a few guarding them. From underwater it is a unique site..you can get pretty close to them. They are good sized fish.2.20.09,  2.21.09 042 This is looking across the main boil to our anchorage. if you look closely in the foreground of the picture you can see hundreds of fish swimming in a large circle around the boil. …another great site from underwater. It’s amazing how many there are.

2.20.09,  2.21.09 053 We were treated to the knock knocking of “Woody the Woodpecker”…a Pileated woodpecker that inspired the famous cartoon.2.20.09,  2.21.09 077This is one of the other trails.2.20.09,  2.21.09 078  All in all…it was a great day for a hike.

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