May 15, 2009

Friday….we are hauling out.

I got up early and rowed the dog in for a walk. I had my camera with me. As soon as I got back in the dingy I noticed a disturbance in the lily pads. A gator had caught a fish and was trying to swallow it by tossing his head in the air.5.15.09  2 116c

If you enlarge the picture you can just see the fish’s tail sticking out of the side of his mouth.

I took this last night. A beautiful sky after a long hard afternoon rain.  It turned out beautiful.

5.15.09  2 098

We had no problems either launching or loading. Guess we’re getting that part down pretty well. As soon as we have the smoking problem fixed we’ll be back on the water for another trial run.

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Kate said...

Your photos are truly awesome. The fella with the fish was something else! I'd be paddling so fast to get back to the 'Mother Ship" but you're there taking pictures - you're a real pro Carol - love your blog. Kate