May 15, 2009


Well…we had a good day, yesterday, with the improvement in the amount of smoke. It wasn’t bad..but I had to open my mouth and suggest another little “tweak” might make it go away completely… Boy was I ever wrong. We never did get the good combination back. 

We spent the night at G 109. We both watched a couple of gators fight. At least that’s what it looked like. One raised himself up out of the water and bellowed. About 4 more showed up and the next thing we knew…two of them were sure churning up a bunch of water. I grabbed the camera but only got a lot of splashing. Here are 3 of them. You can see the one on the L is still posturing.5.15.09 003c

On the L of the picture you can see the tail  and then to the R is the head of the same alligator. Pretty good sized. You can just see the back of another on the R and in the center there is another head. He’s a bit smaller. 

5.15.09 004c

Makes you want to go right out and jump on a pair of water skis…..huuuummmmmm

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