May 15, 2009

Wednesday a.m. moonlight cruise

We had gone to bed early and I woke up around 1:30 a.m. Decided to make coffee and read for awhile. Jim woke up a bit later and we decided to head S. The moon was bright and the sky fairly clear. A nice night for a cruise. We rolled up the side curtains for better visibility. We had seen the ends of some logs on the outer edges of the river and wanted to be sure we stayed in the middle.

Around 6 a.m. we passed Ron and Karen’s boat and got a call on the cell a few minutes later. They were anchored on the side of the river  only a few miles from G 109 so we continued on down.  After a few hours sleep. Jim made another adjustment. MUCH less smoke, so we cruised back up to visit for awhile.5.15.09 034 

After watching all the gators cruising around…you wouldn’t think anyone would want to water ski unless they could stay up.5.15.09 028

5.15.09 030

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