October 23, 2009

Crossing Lake George

After leaving the island at G3, we made a lumpy crossing. The lake was really kicking up and we had to head almost into it until we got to the N end…then hung a L and headed to Salt River Run.

I got lots of pictures of Larry and Diane.003cs

I wasn’t able to get any of the real good action….here he’s stuffing the bow a bit…but we were riding the same waves and I was having trouble holding the camera steady. 034cs

Diane took her turn at being “Captain”.


Come along for a short ride…..

It was a lumpy ride…but well worth the trip. The next morning we had 4 Manatees swim near the boat while we were snorkeling. We have been in here several times and never knew they came in. The lady who runs the gift shop told me there were 15 that made this one of their stops.  They come in so often the locals have names for all of them.054cs

I doubt they would have bothered us…but since one of them was a youngster…we decided it best to get out of the water.055cs


You see how close they came to the boat….and look at the size of this one.065cs

All of them had multiple prop scars, even the small one. It was wonderful just  watching them. They really seem interested in us.

When we had a shallow draft boat we spent more time here than Silver Glen…unfortunately..with the 3’ draft..the lake has to be up for us to get over the bar at the entrance.