October 23, 2009

Silver Glen Springs to G3

We spent the weekend at Silver Glen Springs.  There were not a lot of boats…it was pretty cold, but there were a few that braved the weather.

Jim  and Larry listened to the football game on the radio during the afternoon. Even with the sun shining it was a bit cool for swimming.


With most of the weekenders gone by Sun night…the water was crystal clear.

Larry and Diane were up early and on their way to Astor Landing to get their truck and head to town for groceries. We hung around awhile and headed back to the island by G3. We took our usual side trip up Blue Creek. The Sand Hill Cranes were there again.022cs They do make good guard animals. A couple even did a dance to warn me off as I started to take pictures.

The Hawk came in for a bite…030cs she was a bit wary since it was so windy, and the Cranes were telling her there was someone about that didn’t belong there.

A little farther up the creek we spotted this pair of gators. The smaller one was resting his chin on a turtle. 053cs

The turtle looked more concerned about us than the gators, and decided to leave.



I really enjoy the gators and turtles.

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