October 23, 2009

Palatka and back to Silver Glen Springs

We were up early and headed for a restaurant’s floating dock. There is a grocery store within walking distance. So far, no one has said anything about us tying up for an hour or so. They don’t open until 11am and we are gone by then.031

They have a nice deck for dining. We’ll have to stop here for a cool drink and dinner sometime.

Lake George had some ripples on it when we started across. It’s about 8 miles from Georgetown to the Springs.


The wind picked up as a few showers blew through, and the lake started kicking up.045

You can just see Larry & Diane in the distance…when the storm bearing down on them hit…we couldn’t see them.047

Jim had a great time watching the rain squalls on the radar. He’d call Larry and tell him when they were going to hit. We had a few of those Florida downpours…then it would pass and another would hit. Both boats rode it out very well. A comfortable ride…a bit wet ..since I had left the rear screen in and at one point we had a strong tailwind…but…. By the time we got within a mile of the entrance to the springs…the clouds had passed and the sun was shinning bright.

Here we are anchored for the weekend.054

Can you tell us apart?  We’re on the L. Look at that nice clear water…time for a swim.

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